How to put in a USB drive the right way?

A quick life-hack to put your USB drives and cables in the right way every time.

The ability to use different hardware that is not included with the computer itself, or even to move data between locations, is made possible by USB devices, but how annoying is it when you put one in the wrong way? The short answer is that it’s very annoying, but there is a quick life-hack you can use to make sure you never again experience the embarrassment of inserting a USB drive only to find that it only goes in halfway, forcing you to remove it and start the process over.

What causes this to occur?

The reason is straightforward: for a device to function, the required format of circuits must match up, just like with plug sockets for electrical equipment. The circuit board on the inside of a USB device must connect and line up with the appropriate area of the computer in order for the computer to recognize it, much like a jigsaw puzzle piece. The same logic that applies when trying to force a puzzle piece to fit with its corresponding pieces also applies here.

How can I ensure that I always plug in properly?

Few people were aware before that every USB cable in use actually tells you which way is up for the specific device, according to Royce Eddington, a blogger. The key is to look at the top of your cable, where the manufacturer’s logo will be on one side and the USB symbol, which resembles three traffic arrows, on the other. The symbol is there to help you correctly plug it in, not just for decorative purposes.

Always plug in the USB cable with the USB symbol facing up on your computer.

If you have a vertical monitor, then the USB cable should always be plugged in with the USB symbol facing you rather than up on your computer.

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